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Top 10 Tips to Rebrand your Wedding Business!

Rebranding your wedding business is a big step for a small business and should be carefully planned. Stop and think why are you planning a rebrand as a wedding supplier and will there be a positive outcome for your wedding business.

I had to rebrand my wedding celebrant business this year and although I am glad it is now complete, it was daunting and expensive. However I thought I would share some key tips with you. If you are not “techy” minded, it is really worth hiring a graphic designer and a website designer – I did!

1) Decide on your new Wedding Business name – Complete your due diligence and research to ensure your chosen name or a similar trading name is not already in use by another celebrant/wedding supplier.

2) Purchase your new Domain name – (Fiona Solomon Celebrant) and consider purchasing similar names to avoid someone else using it in the future.

3) Design – This is critical and it is worth spending some time to get it right. Look at other websites to identify what you like and don’t like and ensure your new wedding branding is the right fit and image for your business. Choose your fonts, logo and colours for your new wedding branding. You should choose 2 or 3 key fonts and limit your colour palette to 2 or 3 colours for consistency.

4) Update website: with new logo, fonts, and colours – while also refreshing your text content to detail what you can offer as a wedding celebrant/supplier.

5) Social media – Change display names on Facebook, Instagram etc.

6) Create branded templates for social media using new logo colours etc.

7) Redirect - old website and email to new website and email.

8) SEO - apply SEO to new website updating meta tags and alt descriptions etc.

9) GO LIVE – Announce change on social media- you may want to consider a teaser campaign or just go for it!

10) … And breathe – Not something I ever want to do again!

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